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Queen Itzla is retiring


IMG_20210324_152413 (2)_edited.jpg

Itzla has been our very best queen and now it is time for her to enjoy the spoiled pet life. She is currently raising her last litter and we have proudly chosen her successor Moonlight Lace.  She is three and a half years old, is leash trained and up to date on all of her vaccinations.

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Heart Throb


Heart Throb is a great silver stud. He is two years old and is great with females and kittens. He is a large muscular male and has super small ears.  He could add a lot to many programs. Green eyes apb carrier 1 copy and glittered.  He has been HCM screened clear and also tested clear through optimal selection.  He is good with kids and is cuddly and sweet.

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Retired Breeders: Pro Gallery
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