Nona Eronia of Colorado Bengals

Available for adoption

Nona is an F4 female, the first generation of Bengal cat to be considered fully domestic. She comes from a highly prized bloodline. Nona was born on 1/13/2018 and will be five years old in January. Nona is whited, which means that her underbelly is like that of a wildcat ever adding to the look of walking out of the Jungle.  Nona is show quality and would do very well in the show circuit because of her perfect profile and small rounded ears, she is the the epitome of the breed standard.  As with all retired breeders, it will take time to adjust in a new setting and grow on a new family.  Nona does well with other cats and is inherently social with all cats both male and female. She does however take time to grow on people and it will take time to earn her trust.  Nona like to play with toys everyday and loves to run and walk on her exercise wheel. which would be a requirement to have when adopting her.


Retired Breeders


Victoria was one of our most promising females and our first Queen to retire.  She also gave us our upcoming silver Stud Sonic.  She has found her forever home here locally in Colorado and is living her best pet life with a dedicated and loving family.