Current Litter


2152022 itzla and 5 kitties.jpg

Queen Itzla and our stud Montezuma. have produced a beautiful five kitten litter, all of which are brown glittered Bengals with big beautiful rosettes. Born 2/16/2022.  Reserved.  Please contact us if you would like to meet us and our cats in person and to get on the deposit list for our next litters. 


Victoria of Colorado Bengals and her son Sonic Boom of Colorado Bengals

This kitten is currently under evaluation and will most likely become part of our breeding program.  Victoria will be retiring.


upcoming Litters

-May/June Montezuma x Isis

Browns and snow lynx kittens expected

-August Montezuma x Itzla

Brown kittens expected

itzlas new litter 5 weeks.jpg