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Available Kittens

Our kittens have been very popular and many are reserved well in advance, please contact me if you would like to get on our deposit list for a future litter.  we are planning our next litters to be due in May, June, July, & August.

Medusa in rug.jpg


Due May 20th, 2024

Medusa was bred to our brown stud Montezuma and we are expecting a full litter of brown glittered Bengals with bold black outlined rosettes.



Due May 30th, 2024

Venus was bred to our stud Montezuma and is expected to produce silver, seal mink & brown kittens.



Born Feb. 8th


Itzla was bred with our stud Heart Throb and together they produced a litter of gorgeous silver Bengal kittens.  Itzla will be spayed with this last litter and will be placed locally.

Available Kittens: Females
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