Current Litter

3 Available Boys 


Queen Itzla and our stud Montezuma. have produced a beautiful Six kitten litter, all of which are brown glittered male Bengals with big beautiful rosettes. Born 11/19/2022.  There are currently 3 Boys available.   


Isis' first Boy

This amazing snow lynx male Bengal is very large and growing fast he was born 6/29/2022 reserved to the waitlist.


upcoming Litters

Winter 2022/Early 2023

  • Silvers / Silver Charcoal (Due  the last week of January) 

  • Snow Lynx (Due the last week of January) 

Late Spring 2023

  • Snow Lynx /Silver Lynx

  • Browns 

Please keep in mind that our kittens are highly sought after and that healthy high quality Bengal kittens take time to properly produce, contact us if you are interested in joining the waitlist and adding a Bengal kitten to your family.

itzlas new litter 5 weeks.jpg