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King Montezuma of Colorado Bengals

Montezuma is our gorgeous stud, he is a brown glittered Bengal and has great contrast with large clear rosettes.  He carries cs so he is able to produce snow lynx and mink colored kittens with some of our females.  Monte is loving and kind with a long muscular body.


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Simplyblessed Heart Throb of Colorado Bengals

He is just under two years old and is a very clear coated silver.


Heart Throb is our exceptionally muscular silver stud. He enjoys a good belly rub and has the sweetest personality. He has been health tested through optimal selection and screened clear for HCM. with a board certified DACVIM. He carries one copy of the APB gene and is glittered. We have recently placed Heart Throb with another cattery and are growing up his successor Eclipse.

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Introducing: Colorado Bengals Eclipse Ring of Fire

Eclipse will be our new silver stud for 2024 and 2025.

Eclipse is a silver Bengal boasting lots of glitter, he carries one copy of Apb and has stunning rosettes and green eyes. All health tests clear. Even at 7 months old he is already muscular with small ears and a great profile.  He will attend his first TICA show in April.

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