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Queens: Females

Queen Venus of Colorado Bengals

Venus is our Beautiful silver female.  She carries for charcoal and is sweet, loving and very beautiful.  Venus was named after the goddess of love and fertility and invokes a desire to be in her presence.

venus side view.jpg

Venus has an amazing profile with a beautiful nose and small rounded ears she is from a fantastic line of Bengals, one of her brothers recently took SGC in the TICA circuit 2022.

Venus has gorgeous green eyes and is the sweeetest cuddle bug.

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IMG_20221231_192438__01 (2).jpg

Queen Medusa

Medusa is our Brown glittered queen with lots of rufism. she has big beautiful rosettes and always gives the most gorgeous kittens.  She is due any day now with a new litter of precious Bengal babies.

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Upcoming Queen for 2024 Auroralights Lex of Colorado Bengals

Galaxy is a very special Bengal. she has one copy of the red gene which makes her a Black, red & Silver Spotted Torbie colored Bengal. Her beauty is beyond this world and she has the genetics to produce red boys and torbie colored girls like herself as well as silvers. Galaxy also carries sepia so we just might see some snow mink kittens from her.

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Coco is a seal Mink girl that carries one copy of the Apb gene and has lots of glitter. she is so sweet and gorgeous. Coco is the daughter of our Stud Montezuma and our queen Venus. We will be expecting her to have her first litter later this year. Clear Health tests.

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Aphrodites Iris

Iris is a silver girl with electric green eyes. We kept her from a pairing between our retired Queen Isis and our previous stud Heart Throb. She is silver, glittered and carries one copy of cs.  We will pair her with our stud Montezuma later this year and be expecting seal lynx kittens as well as silvers and browns.


Queen Eve

Eve has come to us recently and is a very glittery brown Bengal with large rosettes and a rich brown coat

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