Queen Itzla


IMG_20210324_152413 (2)_edited.jpg

Itzla means rain in the old Aztec language and her temperament matches her name.  Itzla is beautiful and calm.  She has small rounded ears beautiful coloring, big rosettes and amazing glitter in the sunlight. She carries no other color markers.  Itzla has been health/color tested and as all our Bengals scanned negative for HCM.


Introducing Queen Victoria of Colorado Bengals

Victoria is our silver queen. She is a gorgeous silver Bengal with big rosettes and aqua green eyes. Charcoal carrier.  Victoria is a vocal girl with dominant attributes. She has been health and color tested and as all our breeding Bengals has scanned clear for HCM.  Victoria is prized for her large feet, prominent whisker pads, pure for spotting on her torso, feet, and tail as well as her eye color. She really is a show stopper.