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Queen Itzla

Itzla means rain in the old Aztec language and her temperament matches her name.  Itzla is beautiful and calm.  She has small rounded ears beautiful coloring as well as big rosettes and amazing glitter in the sunlight. She carries no other color markers.  Itzla has been health/color tested and as all our Bengals scanned negative for HCM.

IMG_20210324_152413 (2)_edited.jpg
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isis stretching.jpg

Queen Isis of Colorado Bengals

Queen Isis' name stems from Egyptian mythology and was the goddess of the moon. Isis is a loving, playful and inquisitive girl and will be expecting a litter of silvers and snows in September 2023. Her personality is outgoing and active.  Isis has deep blue eyes and amazing rosettes.  

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Queen Venus of Colorado Bengals

Venus is our Beautiful silver female.  She carries for charcoal and is sweet, loving and very beautiful.  Venus was named after the goddess of love and fertility and invokes a desire to be in her presence.

venus side view.jpg

Venus has an amazing profile with a beautiful nose and small rounded ears she is from a fantastic line of Bengals, one of her brothers recently took SGC in the TICA circuit 2022.

Venus has gorgeous green eyes and is the sweeetest cuddle bug.

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Queen Hera of Colorado Bengals

Hera is a 6th gen Bengal with great structure and flow she really embodies the wild look we always strive for.

Hera is now a year old and a half old and has had her first litter, there are two kittens still available.  Please contact us if you would like to reserve one of her kittens.

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Queen Medusa Of Colorado Bengals

IMG_20221231_192438__01 (2).jpg
medusa in bed with kitties.jpg
Medusa in rug.jpg

Medusa is quite captivating with a reddish brown coat, the perfect wild look and a whited belly.

Medusa has had her second litter of which there is still one silver male available.

I was so entranced with this girl i had to name her Medusa as I was almost like a statue staring at her all the time.

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